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OC: Kriyu!


She's a slightly hot-headed furry rabbit girl with a long tail, good aim, and a thing for diamonds and shiny stuff.
Kriyu sitting on her butt by elPatrixFThanks a lot for the 1K+ watches! by elPatrixFY'all pervs by elPatrixF
AT_ Kriyu by pitch-black-crowKriyu by ObakawaiiKriyu by Yvem
Kriyu Trade by Kurara-Himura

OC: Bangs!


She's a socially awkward (yet pervertly cute) zubat girl that has 20/20 vision even though she has no eyes
Hang in there baby! by elPatrixFJust a darker Valentine's Bangs by elPatrixF
Gosh there's so much art it doesn't even fit here ;u;

OC: the Ghastgirl!

The ghastgirl

She's a usually mute unnamed* chubby ghast-girl that somehow got herself out of the nether.
ghastchub by elPatrixFKEEN4E.EXE by elPatrixF
The Ghastgirl by akorhaphiaffectionate_scream.wav by teckworks
GhastGift by SciKosisGift GhastGirl and Glauki by OwyiSensei

OC: Glauki!


She's a squishy playful sea-slug monster girl that likes... um... swimming... and shoots blue things out of her hands.
Glauki says hi by elPatrixFMonstergirls by elPatrixF
Glauki by akorhaphiGlauki by ZinZoaGlauki  {Gift for elPatrixF} by AlicornRarity

OC: Holly!


She's a cute Ilex aquifolium plant girl, with huge eyelashes and a big spiky leaf as hair.
Sleep nao by elPatrixFthumbs up or something by elPatrixFPlantgirl by elPatrixF
some weed by pitch-black-crowHolly by JebzuzHolly by Nerdbayne



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sorry to disappoint you
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hey there; thanks for visiting my profile page *u*/

No, I'm actually not sorry.
Yes, click here if you want pokemon.
No, I don't RP. Don't make comments like that here please!
No, I don't have neither a 3DS nor a DS; don't ask me for a friend code.
Sí, obvio que hablo español bolas tristes.


EDIT: 19/OCT/2014 i'm feelin better now guys~ but I'll just leave this journal up for the time being. I want peeps to know that I sometimes go through this shit and that it's something that happens to everyone.

no but it’s like, I feel like it’s completely pointless to draw and It’s like “I don’t wanna I don’t wanna I don’t wanna” and I don’t last long enough as to finish a drawing or HELL not even to STARt a drawing. The stuff I’ve posted here is basically ALL I have drawn lately.

I still hope to find something interesting to draw that drives me to the point of O SHIT YES I WANNA DRAW THAT but up to now it has all been boring shit and MEH meh everywhere.

I’ve resolved to do something else instead as to clear my mind a bit but the only thing I’ve come up to is playing games and shit like that and all games suck. Really I appreciate your help a lot but the shitty mood I am right now I jump from game to game like “expecting it to suck” already and I know it doesn’t help at all to be so negative beforehand but I can’t help it. Last night I jumped from game to game and I didn’t even last 3 minutes on each, it was just loading sega genesis roms, 32x, then jumping to daytona usa on the model 2, virtua fighter 2, then went back to genesis to play virtua racing, then knuckles chaotix, then daytona usa 2, then wanted to check someting online I don’t even remember what but BAM no internet, fuck this shit i’m off to bed.

either way I feel dead inside nothing is fun nothing is interesting nothing HAPPENS and I don’t want to make anything happen because idk I could be a limbless bag of flesh and I probably wouldn’t do any less than I’m doing right now. I know I have to MAKE things change but I feel like I can’t.

I don’t want someone to talk to, I just want someone to talk to me; like, about any shit, I like listening to people about stuff they like I really do, I’m betting it could just lift me up somehow to become interested in the stuff they’re doing and shit. Up to now it has been the shit that helped me most; just plain ignoring the fact that I’m sad and talking about good stuff. Not like GOOD HAPPY CHEERING stuff but actually RAD COOL LIKEABLE stuff, not the facebook-cheer-up tier shit.

I’m going to feel like shit after posting this probably and I do really appreciate every single one of you that has said that you’ll be there for anything If I want but that’s like saying “HEY I’M HERE IF YOU NEED ME” but my stubborn subconscious unbreakable mentality of I DON’T NEED ANYONE just fucks me up so bad that to the point of preventing me to talk to ANYONE first at all- not because I don’t need it but because SOMEHOW THE SHITTY MOOD I’M STUCK INTO PREVENTS ME FROM WANTING TO DO THINGS THAT I NEED TO DO AND I CAN’T FOCUS ON STUFF.

every time I post one of this rants I lose an irreplaceable bit of professionalism and I become more of a dumb angry depressed person that doesn’t look at all as an artist and probably would be better off disappearing from anywhere but don’t worry guys I won’t kill myself. I’d probably accidentally cripple my hand but not on purpose BUT I WOULDN’T KILL MYSELF THAT’S FOR SURE so don’t send me those shitty suicide hotlines, I wouldn’t even care for them anyway because of the “not needing anyone” intrusive thought

so long story short and tl;dr I’m starting to feel like I have built massive walls of thick glass around me and I gave up breaking them

sorry for the rant

Don't mind me casually apologizing for the lack of interest in arts lately.
  • Mood: Shitty
Alrighty, I'm closing donations for now so I can take a break and study a bit, yknow, for a change lol and maybe go back to drawing the unusual pokemon~
I might open them again soon if I ever need money again~

You know it really sucks balls that the only things I can do with this money is buy digital stuff like games, or art packs, or commissions, or just donating the money to other people (Because I have a standard paypal account, you know, not linked to any credit card or anything, and because Paypal has a LOT of problems with Argentina and has a lot of restrictions, like not being able to send a payment to another Argentine, or not being able to withdraw the money, etc.). :saddummy:

So well, I guess now you know why I am so reluctant to open commissions and shit. I'd literally be working non-stop on commissions if I could, say, BUY FOOD with that money, or pay the bills, stuff like that. But NOPE, paypal right now is to me just a globally-used "deviantart point"-like system that I can't use to buy stuff in the real world.

But yeah I managed to raise 140$ and I finally bought the clickteam flash exporter- so who knows, maybe I'll try doing some flash shit someday~
Thanks again everyone who donated!

UPDATE 6/9/2014: Donations are closed!

TL;DR "Donate $7 and you can request which pokemon I'll draw next. Restrictions apply. Read dammit."
If you have any questions you can ask them here, drop me a message on skype if ya added me, or send me a note here! :note:
And remember you cannot request a pokemon that has been already done!

I'll try to keep this journal as basic as possible since I know most people don't like to read lengthy stuff.

Currently in queue: 0

I like to keep the queue a secret because I don't want to spoil the surprise, but I won't accept donations if the requested pokemon is already enqueued, so don't worry~


  • Donate $7 (or more if ya feel generous) and you can request one pokemon that's not yet drawn by me (which means that it is not on THIS list.). Keep in mind I still have full artistic freedom on what that pokemon will look like and the pokemon must not be on the POPULAR/EXPENSIVE tier.
  • Donate $11 or more and you can add one extra detail like "don't draw her with small boobs" or "make sure she has JUST 2 arms" or something like that, but don't get too picky please-
  • Donate $20 or more and you can request a pokemon from the POPULAR/EXPENSIVE tier.


  • One pokemon per donation. You can request multiple pokemon but you'll have to pay the amount of each as a separate donation.
  • No shinies, no original characters and no lengthy descriptions.
  • Note me first before sending the money so I can confirm if I can do the request.
  • The list of pokemon icons up there shows the pokemon that have been finished already; the pokeballs represent requests in queue, each icon identifying the type of request (Standard, Described, or Expensive).
  • This is a link to the old journal, with some of the rules explained in additional detail.


  • When paying select "I'm paying for goods or services" since that's the only available option to send money to Argentina.
  • Don't attach a message to the payment, and if you do, keep it CLEAN!
  • Notify me at the moment you send the payment. I won't start drawing until then!

These pokemon are in the POPULAR/EXPENSIVE tier:
Charizard, Growlithe, Arcanine, Scyther, Jynx, Articuno, Moltres, Mewtwo, Bayleef, Pichu, Blissey, Blaziken, Lairon, Bagon, Salamence, Latios, Deoxys, Lumineon, Palkia, Dialga, Shaymin (Land forme), Audino, Venipede, Whirlipede, Whimsicott, Scraggy, Scrafty, Zorua, Zoroark, Mienfoo, Zweilous, Hydreigon, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Reshiram, Pirouette forme meloetta, Frogadier, Greninja, Florges, Furfrou, Doublade, Espurr, Meowstic, Aromatisse, Tyrantrum, Pumpkabooo, Noibat.
Pokemon will be added or removed from this list at any time.

These pokemon are currently in the DO NOT REQUEST tier:
Golbat, Voltorb, Electrode, Ditto, Crobat, Gardevoir, Riolu, Lucario, Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus, Binacle, Barbaracle.
Pokemon might be added or removed from this list at any time.

The rest of the pokemon are standard-priced!

wish me luck!


artists out there, when drawing characters, do you draw the head first? 

140 deviants said yes
37 deviants said no



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