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OC: Kriyu!


She's a slightly hot-headed furry rabbit girl with a long tail, good aim, and a thing for diamonds and shiny stuff.
Kriyu sitting on her butt by elPatrixFThanks a lot for the 1K+ watches! by elPatrixFY'all pervs by elPatrixF
AT_ Kriyu by pitch-black-crowKriyu by ObakawaiiKriyu by Yvem
Kriyu Trade by Kurara-Himura

OC: Bangs!


She's a socially awkward (yet pervertly cute) zubat girl that has 20/20 vision even though she has no eyes
Happy valentines day! by elPatrixFHappy halloween! by elPatrixF
Bangs - Birthday gift by CommanderMitsukiBangs da Zubat QT by akorhaphiBangs by ChaosSabre
NICE LEGZ DAISY DUKES by DamianVertigoBangs by Tigerfestivals
Gosh there's so much art it doesn't even fit here ;u;

OC: the Ghastgirl!

The ghastgirl

She's a usually mute unnamed* chubby ghast-girl that somehow got herself out of the nether.
ghastchub by elPatrixFKEEN4E.EXE by elPatrixF
The Ghastgirl by akorhaphiaffectionate_scream.wav by teckworks
GhastGift by SciKosis

OC: Glauki!


She's a squishy playful sea-slug monster girl that likes... um... swimming... and shoots blue things out of her hands.
Monstergirls by elPatrixF
Glauki by akorhaphiGlauki by ZinZoaGlauki  {Gift for elPatrixF} by AlicornRarity

OC: Holly!


She's a cute Ilex aquifolium plant girl, with huge eyelashes and a big spiky leaf as hair.
Sleep nao by elPatrixFthumbs up or something by elPatrixFPlantgirl by elPatrixF
some weed by pitch-black-crowHolly by JebzuzHolly by Nerdbayne


elPatrixF's Profile Picture
I'm sorry I disappointed you!
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hi! Thanks for visiting my profile page! *u*/

No, I'm actually not sorry.
Yes, I have this thing.
No, I don't bite!
No, I don't RP. Don't make comments like that here please!
No, I don't have neither a 3DS nor a DS; don't ask me for a friend code.
Sí, obvio que hablo español bolas tristes.


like, the technical details or something? I'm struggling to discover how it does the lines so smoothly but I've got no clue on how it does the calculations to plot the curves on screen and shit.

I mean right now the stabilizer is just a simple A+(B-A)/S easing thing (Where A is the last cursor position, B is the current position and S is a value that determines the softness of the easing, it works sorta like the S-2 stabilizers from SAI and I codenamed it "Lazy stabilizer" because that's basically how it works xD)

but I want to make a proper stabilizer that works with some sort of interpolation between the points, or that it calculates smoother transitions based on the last few points recorded and stuff... perhaps I could calculate the acceleration needed to move the tip of the pen from the "last checked point" to the next one and then plot the resulting lines using an inline loop or some shit like that... anyways Idk If anyone here even gets what I'm saying right here but eh, maybe there's some mathematician or programmer geek out there that can throw in a tip or two.

after I'm done with this, I might jump to a different feature, like layers, or take a break from extra features and try to optimize the code a bit (I remember it being REALLY laggy on my netbook)

I'm working on Multimedia Fusion 2 by the way, but I can adapt any solution to my needs *u*

oh also, I'm talking about the drawing app I was working on some days ago, if you were wondering xD
  • Playing: and to think I did this on a RE3 gaming break lol
first time ever I talked to SO many people simultaneously and I'm exhausted, I wasn't expecting that much people adding me in a single day (///w/// )

anyways I'll have to get used to opening skype more often, and not, like, once a month or something like that--
  • Playing: and to think I did this on a RE3 gaming break lol
i'm trying to be more active there lol
I need to train my social skills (?

so eh, if you wanna talk to me, my skype username is elPatrixF, don't expect much tho >w<
(oh also, no mic tho, chat only because reasons)

disclaimer, I'm shy as balls lol
  • Playing: Resident evil 3, might do one more run today lol
caught a cold

and my tablet pen pressure doesn't work fucking fixed it

I feel like I've been shit by an elephant
  • Mood: Frustrated
I've just arrived and setup my computer at home. Like, home-home, at the countryside, in the middle of fucking nowhere, not my apartment-home-away-from-home.

I've failed both the exams I was supposed to take today and yesterday; I mean I failed drastically on yesterday's and I didn't even attend to the one I had to take today... but I don't give a considerable amount of fucks anyways; got an entire month to spend on whatever til I have to resume studies and shit.

ah well, home sweet home; also I forgot the usb dongle so I have to connect to the internet using the wi-fi connection of a separate laptop I set right next to my main pc...

eh, I got an entire month to lift my mood somehow
  • Mood: Angsty


i have too many ocs but i'm too much of a weak ass fuck to get rid of them 

34 deviants said urgh
29 deviants said i don't know what to do



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Have Bangs holding/with a root beer mug. The joke would be that there is a brand of root beer known as Bang's Root Beer. I thought it up while at work today. You don't have to do it, it's just a thought.
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